10/24/2012 06:43

"Where has common sense and decency gone?"

I have recently attended two county meetings. One the board of supervisor meeting and another held by the Department of Revenue. After leaving each of the meetings I had one question on my mind; "Where has common sense and decency gone?"

1. The BOS is considering a $12,000 grant to add a pier, at Ware's Wharf on an1/2 acre of property, including the beach.  The public beach adjoins private properties that are often trespassed upon. There is nowhere to park. There are no toilet facilities and there is no monitoring of the area even when there are loud, late night parties. Lewie Lawrence of the MPPDC was asked several questions about the pier. His response boiled down to this: The pier may sit in one foot of water at low tide. It cannot be used for fishing but possibly for kayaking or canoeing. Does this sound like a good use of tax money? The whole project is useless, yet Mr. Lawrence tried to convince the citizens it was a good deal. One smart lady asked who would maintain such an improvement (if that is what we can call something this silly?)  Most importantly, she asked why the board can't think of ideas to save the county money instead of getting us into more debt through government loans and grants?  She gets it, WHY DON'T THEY?

2.  A local citizen is terrorizing a community because he shoots guns into private property where there are homes, people and cattle.  The community runs for cover when he starts shooting.  They have tried making him understand their fear for their lives but he doesn't care.  They have reported him several times but apparently the law says he is doing what he has a right to do.  The BOS approved that Howerton Subdivision be added to a list of areas deemed a "no gun shooting zone." Why not write this man a warning and the next time he threatens the lives of others he goes to jail until he has adjusted his attitude to be a more considerate neighbor?

3.  Residents of a Dunnsville water community want a leash law because they have dogs belonging to part time cottage dwellers and renters that terrorize their community.  Children are bitten, walkers are attacked and they use the local yards as toilets.  This has been going on forever but nothing is done. 

4. Are we really giving $5,200 tax money to a man running an alpaca farm who gained from his business but wasn't wise enough to insure it?

5. In the recent Land Use meeting, there was no discussion why some residents have to pay higher taxes so farmers can receive their federal subsidies, tax cuts, grants and product income. No what they discussed was why one farmer got more money than another farmer. This is a typical greedy entitlement attitude. They don’t care who they steal from, whose homes or property is lost due to higher taxes caused by them or that the whole community could better provide for themselves if we all paid our fair share.

Are you wondering as I am; “Where has common sense and decency gone?”  Why do we have laws that protect the guilty and leave the innocent begging for help?  Why are the tax payers of Essex County giving money to a man to pay for his losses because he was not responsible enough to insure his business?  Why do we have programs that create a financial imbalance causing some to suffer while others gain? The laws we create have no consequences for the irresponsible disrespectful people of the community. 

What a mess.




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